The Prayas Process


We integrate with the cameras you already have. Most loss prevention systems are IP connected which means that with just a username and password, we can begin generating our analytics immediately.


Our technology does the heavy lifting. We use a combination of the emerging field of computer vision and manual analysis to effectively and reliably collect analytics about customer behavior in your stores.


We return actionable insights to you in a way that helps you to understand the important trends in your data. Our platform allows you to see both the bigger picture and drill down into specifics when you need to.

Your Security, Our Priority

We take data security seriously. We know that our clients are sharing sensitive information and we take every measure necessary (such as encrypted data transfers) to make sure that this data remains protected and secure.

We also take customer privacy extremely seriously. That’s why we do not track or identify individual customers through the store. We only focus on one location - the cash register - to collect all of our analytics. On top that, we do not use any facial recognition technology to identify customers in any way that may relate to race, gender, or ethnicity. We believe that customers have a right to their privacy and we will protect that.

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