Know what’s happening in your stores. All the time.

Brick-and-mortar businesses are sitting on troves of untapped data. With the Prayas solution, monitoring metrics such as engagement rates, waiting times, and customer abandonment becomes instantly accessible. This means if there’s ever an important change at one of your stores, you can act on it.

As the owner of a 100-store high-traffic apparel chain, you use Prayas Analytics to find that: your lines are 60% longer and customer abandonment is 3x higher from 5-7pm than any other time in the day and it takes on average 3 minutes and 20 seconds for a customer to checkout.


Turn your data into action.

This is the true power of the Prayas platform. Prayas Analytics brings the popular concept of A/B testing from the online world to the offline world. After analyzing the initial data, we work with you to brainstorm tests that you can run to increase efficiencies throughout your store. Through this continuous testing, you are able to constantly implement new ideas and improve the customer experience.

You test adjacencies by moving merchandise around from fixture A to fixture B, to see if customers now spend more time at each fixture. You also decide to test whether playing a different playlist of music affects how long people spend in certain sections of your store.


Optimize your processes for tomorrow’s customer.

One of the keys to realizing maximum value of any analytics solution is to not only analyze what customers have done in the past, but to also predict what customers are going to do in the future. Prayas Analytics’ predict platform leverages several custom-built statistical models that optimize checkout processes based on future customer behavior.

Your previous labor models were based solely off of sales estimates. With the help of Prayas Analytics’ predict platform, you are now using smarter staffing models that capture more of the customer experience by taking into account metrics such as customer abandonment, dwell times, and average queue lengths.

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